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Project : ASEAN+ONE Scholarship

Ajinomoto Foundation has already finished the selection process and would like to announce the result. The candidate in ranking no.1 will submit documents to selected laboratory for getting acceptance letter from university and submit to the foundation at the specified time. But, if the candidate is unable to get the acceptance, the candidate in next rank will be able to submit documents immediately.
If you have any question, please kindly contact Ajinomoto Foundation at 02-247-7000 ext. 1569 or 1512 or 02-247-9547 (direct line) on the day and time of operation.

Rank No.1 :
Mr.Ekkachai Khwanbua from Kasetsart University

Rank No.2 :
Ms.Lalita Jantean from Mahidol University

Rank No.3 :
Ms.Benyapa Chunhaphinyokul from Chiang Mai University