PROJECT :Scholarship for children of Ajinomotos employee


The 26th Annual Scholarship Ceremony for Employee’s Children for Academic Year 2014


Sri Ayutthaya School under His Patronage


30th August 2014

The Ajinomoto Foundation led by M.R. Esihiro Takato, and Mr. Phichien Koosmith, Vice President of the Foundation, together with Board Members of Ajinomoto Co., Ltd. and Ajinomoto Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., gave 26th scholarships for children of employees for the academic year 2013. There were two types of scholarships awarded i.e. Good Academic Performance and Special Talent. There were 549 children of employees, receiving 1,216,000 baht. The ceremony was held on 30 August 2014. In addition to the scholarship, there were various activities including lunch, and was supported by many departments in Ajinomoto Group, which made the day full of warmth “full, fun, happy, and appreciative.”



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