PROJECT :From Heart to Heart to Fight Coldness


“From Heart to Heart to Fight Coldness”


Coldness disaster affected area, Wiang Sa and Na Noi Districts in Nan Province


Donated blankets to the cold victims, in cooperation with Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) Nan District 1, Ministry of Primary Education

Ajinomoto Foundation goes forward with its campaign “From Heart to Heart to Fight Coldness,” offering blankets and sweaters to victims in many parts of Thailand. On January 22, 2015, the Foundation led by Mr. Suradej Tiapairat, Director of Ajinomoto Co., Ltd. together with Primary Education District Office, Nan District 1 donated 1,343 sweaters worth more than 350,000 baht to over 10 school students in Wiang Sa and Na Noi districts in Nan Province. The atmosphere was warmly received by students, teachers and villagers.



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