PROJECT : Help Student to Graduate


Factory visit and Cooking Club with Ajinomoto Cooking Club


Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co. Ltd, Nong Kae Factory


10 March 2015


After the ceremony for the program “Graduate with Ajinomoto Foundation’s Scholarship” for the graduates of the academic year 2014 was completed in the morning of 10 March 10 2015, the foundation had the opportunity to take scholarship students to visit the process of seasoning powder production “Ros Dee” and “Birdy Canned Coffee,” by Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd., at Nong Kae Plant, Nong Kae District, Saraburi. In addition to visiting the factory, the scholars also participated in sushi cooking activities with Ajinomoto Cookery Club. Scholars got to learn new things and the event was filled with happiness, excitement, and new knowledge.



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