Name-Last Name   Mr. Nattawong  Numsenaphon (Frost)


Faculty of Engineering Computer Engineering, Prince of Songkhla University, Phuket

Academic Year  

6th Year “Graduate with Ajinomoto Foundation’s Scholarship” Year of graduation 2014


Studying in the last semester


Time proves people

How did you feel when you received scholarship from Ajinomoto Foundation?

I am proud to be a part of the Ajinomoto family. Here it is not just about scholarships, but we got so much love, warmth from friends, staffs, and everyone which was important to fulfill life, especially in today’s world where there is a lot of chaos.

Having scholarship from Ajinomoto helped us achieve better grades. We got compliments on the semesters that we did well, and got motivated on the terms that we did not do well. They all passed through this point, so they understood and supported us throughout.

Potentials Development Camp and internship with Ajinomoto gave us more courage and confidence. Everyone dared to think, had their own ideas, and pushed us to action our ideas, where not that many people dare to follow their thoughts.

What do you want to tell Ajinomoto Foundation and other future scholars?

I want to thank Ajinomoto Foundation for the continuous love and care not easily found. Thanks for the morale when I got really frustrated. For the next generation of scholarship, if this is an opportunity, grab it well because people here really only “give.”



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