PROJECT : 50 Years, 50 Schools


Baan Pattanasamukkee Schol

Project : “50 Years, 50 Schools – 2nd Year in 2011”
School Name : Baan Pattanasamukkee Schol, Mueng District, Amnatcharoen Province
Education Levels : Kindergarten – 6th grade
Number of Students : 230 students
Number of Teachers : 16 teachers
: Office of the Primary Education Area Amnatacharoen
Cafeteria Pre-Condition : Too small, not adequate for the number of students
Date of Completion : 12th July 2012

Baan Pattanasamukkee Schol, Mueang District, Amnatcharoen Province received donation from the Ajinomoto Foundation to support building of new cafeteria. The cafeteria construction was completed and officially opened on 11th July 2012. The opening was led by Mr. Pichien Kusamit, Vice President of Ajinomoto Foundation, to Mr. Panya Klungklarng, Kiewchum, Vice Director of the Office of the Primary Education Area Amnatacharoen at that time. The donation to the construction totaled to the amount of 500,000 Baht. The opening day was filled with excitement and appreciation from the students, parents, teachers, and villagers in the community to receive the new school cafeteria.



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