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Name-Last Name   Ms. Alisa Tongthaew   (Tue)


Faculty of Applied Science Biotechnology, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna Phitsanulok Campus

Academic Year

6th Year “Graduate with Ajinomoto Foundation’s Scholarship”, Year of graduation 2014


Studying in the last semester


Even chess needs planning, how can life does not need planning?

How did you feel when you received scholarship from Ajinomoto Foundation?

Everyone’s first step into the Ajinomoto Foundation was full of hopes, and these hopes inspired me. First of all, I would like to thank the generous adults and staffs at Ajinomoto Foundation for giving this opportunity to me and my friends. Thank you for seeing the importance of education and for giving great opportunities to students who lack financial support.

I am very happy to be a part of the Ajinomoto family. This family gave us more than we thought, new knowledge, courage to cooperate with friends, and adaptations to situations. In addition, we also got to know other foreign friends and we received full friendships from friends, senior scholars, and all the staffs. I got to know the word “give” more, because the foundation did not only give financial support, but the staff always gave love, warmth, support, and care throughout our difficult times. I promise I will be a good citizen of the society. I will always give when I have the opportunity to, and I want to share this opportunity to other future scholars.

How did the scholarship help you?

This scholarship helped me directly with the cost education, which helped reduce the burden for my family. Over the past 4 years, I used the fund for tuition, supplies, accommodation, and activities. I made sure I used the fund most wisely only to the things that were necessary. The Foundation also provided internship opportunities at Ajinomoto Co., Ltd. The staff helped set trainings that meet our interests, so I learned tremendously, and got hands-on experiences like real work life, including practicality and adaptations to the place

and to work with the staffs and the executives. The staffs offered so much advices, support, and always cheered us up. Thanks to all the staffs for your energy and time spent for us, and for keeping track of the internship results all the way to the end of the internship.

What do you want to tell Ajinomoto Foundation and other future scholars?

I would like to thank the kind adults from the Ajinomoto Foundation for giving me a great opportunity. Throughout the 4 years of scholarship, I spent the money carefully to create maximum value for my education, taking into account the opportunities that have been given to me and the duties that I have to accomplish to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. This opportunity is considered to be the best in my life as a small child who was lacking financial support for education. This scholarship helped me to finish my undergraduate study. I am very grateful for this opportunity. The Foundation is like my second home that is so warm and happy I cannot explain in words. If I have the opportunity, I would give to all the new generations. Once we get the opportunity, we have to do our best, work hard at school, and maximize the use of scholarship money. I believe that all the future scholars will do your best at your roles, because we are all Ajinomoto Family.


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