PROJECT:Public Health

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Improve public health facilities, Ban Huay Tong, Mae Hong Son Province


Ban Huay Tong Public Health Center (Sor-Sor-Chor Ban Huai Tong) Moo 5, Tambon Huay Poo Ling, Mueng District, built in 1990

Responsible area

3 villages below

  1. Ban Huay Tong, Moo 5, Tambon Huay Pu Ling, Muang District
  2. Ban Huay Pu Loey, Moo 10, Tambon Huay Pu Ling, Muang District
  3. Ban Huay Nam Som, Moo 9, Tambon Pa Bong, Amphoe Mueang


The old public health building was a wooden building that was used as an administrative building for staffs.  The building was opened in 1990. Later in 2006, the building received funding from CUP Srisangwal Mae Hong Son to build kitchen and accommodations for staff. In 2008, the building got funding support from the community. And in 2010, Ajinomoto Foundation donated 500,000 baht to renovate the building.

The foundation provided support for 3 public health buildings in 2010, including Ban Huay Tong, Ban Mae Lamong, and Ban Kong Pae in Mae Hong Son. The total construction funding was 1,500,000 baht (500,000 baht each). Mr. Paichit Varachit, the Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health at that time, was the honorary representative in receiving the funding on March 10, 2011 for all three public health centers.

All three centers’ constructions were completed. Mr. Tian Mekanonchai, Director of Ajinomoto Foundation, together with the Ministry of Public Health officially handed off the 3 public health centers including Ban Huai Kong Pap, Ban Mae Lamong, and Ban Huai totaling 1,500,000 baht in Mae Hong Son. The ceremony was held at the public health center at Ban Huay Kong Pap, Mae Sarieng, and Mae Hong Son on 19th January 2012. The atmosphere was filled with happiness and warmth from people in the nearby community who came to welcome the donor team.



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