PROJECT:Aji Volunteer



“Aji Volunteer… Happy Meals Happy Hearts” 1st time


Wat Wang Hua Wan, Samrong District, Lopburi


Cooked lunch and organized recreation activities for students

“Aji Volunteer… Happy Meals Happy Hearts”

“Aji Volunteer… Happy Meals Happy Hearts” is a project organized by Ajinomoto Foundations that want to continuously contribute to Thai society.  For this project, Ajinomoto Foundation takes volunteers from various groups and affiliates in the Ajinomoto Group together participate in lunch cooking and recreation activities for students in underprivileged schools. This also helps to strengthen good relationship between the volunteers, school, and the community. This event makes everyone not only full in their stomachs, but also fully happy in the hearts.

This volunteer activity was held on July 31, 2013 at Wat Wang Hua Wan School, Khok Samrong District Lopburi. There were volunteers from the Joint Consultative Committee of Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd., from Head Office, and from Ajinomoto Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Travaelling to Lopburi together.




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