PROJECT:Public Health



Improve public health facilities, Ban Doi Luang, Chiang Mai Province


Ban Doi Luang Public Health Center (Sor-Sor-Chor Ban Doi Luang) Moo 4, Tambon Mued Ga, Doi Tao District, Chiang Mai, 37 km (road distance 27 km, water distance 10 km). Built in 1986

Responsible area

2 villages (6 home groups) i.e. Ban Doi Luang, Ban Doi Noi, Ban Lai Tung, Ban Hin Fon, Ban Maepok Bon, and Ban Maepok Lang.


The old public health center building was a one-floor wooden building, opened in1986. The building received a budget of 350,000 baht to renovate the building from the Ajinomoto Foundation.

The foundation donated funds to help construct 2 public health centers i.e. Ban Mae Lan, Om Koi District, and Ban Doi Noi, Don Tao District totaling 950,000 baht. Mr. Phichien Koosmith, Vice President of the Foundation, and Mr. Suchart Naksawek, Board Member of the Foundation, were the representing donor and Dr. Pradit Sindavanrong, Minister of Public Health, was a representative receiver of the donation fund. The ceremony was held at the Ministry of Public Health on March 27, 2012.

After the construction was completed, the opening ceremony was led by M.R. Tetsuya Nakano, Board Member and Treasurer of the Ajinomoto Foundation, to officially give the public health centers, Ban Mae Lan, Om Koi District, and Ban Doi Noi, Don Tao District totaling 950,000 baht. Dr. Wattana Kanjanakamol, Chiang Mai Public Health Officer, was the representative in receiving the building on July 23, 2014. Both of the public health services received a budget for the construction and renovation of the facility under the Ajinomoto Foundation’s policy to support community development on 12-14 March 2013.




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