Ajinomoto’s Scholarship for Continuing Education at Tokyo University

Ajinomoto Foundation was established in the year 1976 with the purpose was to help the Thai society in the aspect of education. Having realized the importance of education, the foundation in Thailand partnered with Ajinomoto Foundation Scholarship Japan to conduct scholarship program under the name of “Ajinomoto Scholarship for ASEAN International Students” since 2010. This is a non-bind and no financial obligation to help students study in graduate level at Tokyo University, Japan


 The program provides scholarship opportunities for students from five ASEAN countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, who wish to pursue a master’s degree (in science) at the University of Tokyo. This project aims to develop the potential of youth and build capable personnel. This is an important part of the country’s development to become the 21st century leader of Asia, as well as, to build a good relationship between Thailand, ASEAN countries, and Japan

Implementation Guidelines:

 Ajinomoto Foundation Thailand will offer one scholarship per year to undergraduate students in Science major to continue graduate study (Master’s Degree and Research Studies) at Tokyo University, Japan, by partnering with the Ajinomoto Foundation for Scholarships of Japan.


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